PhotoFlight Aerial Media is an Arizona Drone Photography and Video Production Company, proudly serving AZ clients in Film Production, News & Event Broadcast, Marketing, Government Institutions and Engineering Companies. 

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Arizona Drone Photography & Video Production

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When you need drone video services in Arizona, you want the company who has the most experience. Aerial photography is a craft that must be perfected, and our photographers have the experience necessary to create an exceptional image every time.


Drone photography is not easy, but our photographers have the expertise required to fly the drone with complete control. Additionally, we have the connections necessary to provide incredible images, including those with the motion picture industry and the UAS/drone industry.


We aren’t just known for providing the best Arizona drone photography; we are also known for having talented, professional photographers, who work with the most advanced technology to get you an incredible photograph or video every time.


We have an extensive gallery of our drone photography in Arizona, so you can see just how talented our team of photographers is.

Drone Video Reel

Drone Video Services in Arizona for All Industries

Arizona Drone Videography for Production Companies

From complex cinematography to generic stock footage, if your film requires the assistance of drone footage, our talented photographers can get you the perfect shot every time, so you can make sure your video shines on the big screen.


High-Quality Arizona Drone Photography

An aerial image is an incredible way to showcase your business or highlight your home. With our professional drone photographers at the helm, you will receive a stunning aerial image that you can show off with pride.


Arizona Drone Photography and Video for Marketing

If you want a way to stand out from the crowd in your marketing efforts, our Arizona drone photography is the answer. With unique aerial images, you will certainly get noticed. What’s more, our drone video services can perform live broadcasts during special events to help garner attention for your brand.


Arizona Drone Photography for Real Estate Agents

Your sales materials are the secret to selling a home or commercial property quickly. With aerial photographs on your flyers instead of standard shots, you will help the buyer visualize the property and outshine any other competition.


Arizona Drone Mapping Services

From 3D textured models and orthomosaic mapping, to pre-construction drone surveys and beyond, our drone video services in Arizona will help you gather the accurate details you need to construct a map with precision.


Arizona Drone Video and Photography for Structural and Area Inspections

When you require an in-depth inspection to confirm structural integrity, you need Arizona drone video. Our skilled drone operators can get you the views you need to give you peace of mind. We can also provide simultaneous thermal video for a comprehensive analysis.


Drone Photography in Arizona for Construction Updates

Managing construction sites to make sure everything is on schedule doesn’t have to be time consuming. With our drone video services in Arizona, we can check on each location for you and send you footage of exactly what is going on.


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