Somerleyton Hall, Lowestoft UK. UK drone photography by PhotoFlight Aerial MediaDebating whether you should optimize your business marketing with drone images and video? Debate no more. You definitely should and here’s why.

An Exciting New Technology

Drones are one of the most exciting new technologies to capture images and video from points of view we rarely get to experience. Drones possess the potential to elevate any creative project because of this unique feature. They break the traditional barriers and limits to visual content, creating new opportunities and possibilities. If you’re on the fence about using drone aerial photography for your next project, take the leap of faith. It’ll be worth it.

Reasons to Use Drones for Photography

There are numerous ways to use drones for photography and very few limitations. For starters, drones offer a new view or vantage point to a project. You’re no longer limited by a cameraperson. For example, if you want a faraway shot that zooms into a closeup, a person can’t capture that.

Drones also allow for new and interesting angles. As soon as people mention drone footage, the first thought is going way up in the sky – and for a good reason. Just the elevation of the drone can create outstanding views, but there are many more opportunities to capture unique footage through speeds, turns, and distance. Basic photography captures a simple image, but drone content is unique. If you want to give your audience the “wow” reaction, drones are the ideal tool.

Aerial photos in CT can be mesmerizing.

Which Industries Use Drone Photography?

There are a variety of purposes for drone photography, whether you’re creating a movie, capturing some footage for your YouTube channel, or obtaining video assets for an advertisement.

In fact, businesses often use drones too. Take real estate aerial drone services for example. Agents and homeowners can create the most stunning images and videos of the home’s exterior. In addition, it may allow for the creation of images that showcase the beauty of the entire property, allowing developers to get a better idea of the opportunities that exist throughout it.

Commercial aerial photography can be used in various ways. It can help with the creation of advertisements or flyers for tourism because you can capture a large area at once. This type of imagery in tourism encourages travelers to visit.

You can see a few examples of this with aerial drone pictures we took of Hartford CT. Aerial photography captures stunning images that showcase an area, venue, or attraction and can be used in marketing efforts. From documenting the beautiful, remote trails on a mountain to the thrills of a theme park, drone photography is an ever-growing tool for tourism.

Construction photography is another application to consider. Drones can record the detailed development of the property and the progress of a project. It can aid in land clearing, monitoring conditions, and showing the potential of a plot of land in a realistic way. If you want to share the progress of a job with someone who cannot be there in person to see it, use drone footage.

What Sets Drone Videography Apart From the Competition?

No matter which industry you work in, aerial drone services can create numerous opportunities for you. At the heart of this is the simple benefit that you will be offering something different than the competition. Your competitors may not have the ability to provide creative assets like this. You can give yourself an edge in capturing the attention of your customers or clients. Nobody ever stood out by following the norm.

Another key benefit is that they allow you to provide a different perspective – or multiple perspectives – to give a client or customer more insight. Consumers appreciate knowing more about products or services, and packaging it in a creative way like this is a surefire way to prove you’re unique. New, detailed perspectives will show consumers the whole picture, so they will have the information to buy, develop, or otherwise invest in what you have to offer.

While these are some of the best commercial drone photography benefits, it’s also essential to point out the artistry that goes into the craft. Creating stunning artistic photography is the most important value of drones. Though it takes a bit of learning, this can be one of the best ways to create something new and interesting. Imagine the images you can create from the air.

Invest in Aerial Drone Marketing Today

For those thinking about using aerial images and video, the good news is you can work with a team that can create stunning videos for you. If you have an idea or a specific need, it is helpful to speak to experts who will help you create something amazing.

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