PhotoFlight Aerial Media is a Drone Photography and Video Production Company in Georgia, proudly serving GA clients in Film Production, News & Event Broadcast, Marketing, Government Institutions and Engineering Companies

Georgia Drone Photography and Video Production

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When you want stunning aerial imagery, you can depend on the ample experience our Georgia drone company provides. Nobody knows Atlanta drone photography better than us.


Our Atlanta drone photographers are the most skilled ones you will find, and they have the expertise necessary to produce stellar results every time. We also have connections with the motion picture industry and UAS/drone industry to ensure we always provide the best Georgia drone services.


At our Georgia drone company, our reputation is unparalleled. Our photographers always provide impeccable images with their unbeatable drone controllability, and they always act professionally and utilize the top technology available today.


Our Georgia drone services speak for themselves. Our customers come back to us time and again to get the stunning aerial images they need for a wide variety of reasons.

Drone Video Reel

Our Georgia Drone Services for Every Industry

Stock Footage and Cinematography Drone Services in Georgia

When you want to bring your vision to life on the big screen, you can rely on our Georgia drone company to capture the close-up, fast-moving videos or aerial stock footage shots you need to complete production.


Impeccable Atlanta Drone Photography

Whether you want an impressive panoramic mural for your lobby or you desire an aerial photograph to display in your home, our Atlanta drone photography will provide you with a flawless image every time.


Georgia Drone Services for Marketing Firms

There is no better way to stand out from the competition than by integrating Atlanta drone photography into your advertisement, whether in print or online. Our Georgia drone company can also broadcast any size event live to showcase your business and what you do best.


Atlanta Drone Photography for Real Estate Agents

If you want to showcase a property in a way that is sure to attract attention, then our Georgia drone services are what you need. We will capture the complete property in one image so that potential buyers can visualize how amazing their life will be once they move in.


Aerial Mapping Made Possible by Our Georgia Drone Company

From performing pre-construction surveys to creating architectural renderings to mapping out terrains, our Georgia drone services can provide you with the meticulous detail you require for all types of mapping.


Georgia Drone Services for Reliable Structural Inspections

Effectively inspecting the structural integrity of a building requires access to hard-to-reach places. With our Georgia drone photography, we can access these locations and show the video feed to you live so you can rest easy knowing the structural integrity is intact. We can also provide thermal video feeds when necessary.


Atlanta Drone Photography for Monitoring the Construction Cycle

When you can’t be in more than one place at a time, you can call on our Georgia drone services. Our skilled photographers will carefully monitor each of your construction sites on a regular basis to make sure that the project is being completed as planned.