Photoflight Aerial Media is US based drone operator, offering professional drone video services to film production, news, and marketing clients worldwide.

Enjoy a Cinema Action Drone Video Reel from PhotoFlight Aerial Media's professional drone camera operator team. This drone cinematography show reel features some of our favorite projects we had the pleasure to work on, and it is in a way a small window into to a drone camera operator's world. The shots were carefully selected to highlight our team's skills and ability to deliver high quality cinema-grade drone video in many different difficult environments and challenging light conditions - from breathtaking high altitude landscape shots to low, fast and close proximity dynamic tracking shots executed by our two operator drone camera team.

Photoflight Aerial Media is a US based drone operator with worldwide coverage, providing professional drone photography and video services to clients in film production, news, marketing, and events.
We believe that our drone camera operator's experience, expertise, and attention to detail help our clients maximize the potential of the drone camera tech and deliver professional high production value content for their projects beyond what our competitors can offer.
We operate multiple drone platforms from small DJI Phantom 4Pro units through versatile DJI Inspire 2 drones with micro 4/3 and Super 35mm camera kits to DJI M-600 heavy-lift kit for Red and other cinema cameras.
Please, visit our website for inquiries, drone cinematography resources, and our full work portfolio:

Drone Camera Operators: Mike Gearin, Petr Hejl
Editing: Petr Hejl
Music: Hyper Epic by Gilv,
Subject to Copyright, 2017 Photoflight Aerial Media.

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