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Flying Boat Grumman Albatross, drone photography by Photoflight Aerial Media. Subject to copyright ©Photoflight Aerial Media

Project: Flying Boat Film

Location: Long Island, Bahamas

Deliverables: Aerial Drone Video footage and Photographs of the Flying Boat – Grumman Albatross in flight, and on water.

Crew/Equipment: professional two operator drone team (pilot and camera operator) with DJI Inspire 2, Super35 DJI X7 camera, full cinema lens set. Secondary/drone light unit: DJI Inspire 2 with X5S micro 4/3 camera, equipped with high powered LED drone light.

Mike Gearin and Petr Hejl, PhotoFlight's two operator drone camera team had an amazing opportunity to accompany a production crew of the Flying Boat Film on an amazing shoot in Long Island, Bahamas.

Flying Boat Film is a documentary film about human aspirations and the most amazing flying machines created by humans. The entire film revolves around Flying Boats, amazing machines that first enabled the long distance air travel, and dedicated people who invest countless hours and resources to keep the last few of these great airplanes flying today.

Lower, Closer, Faster! Enjoy an Epic Drone Video of Flying Boat Airplane Surfing in Bahamas...

Airplane Surfing  was definitely the most epic and challenging shoot of the entire trip. It is a great combination of magnificent, awesome, and thrilling. Both the drone crew and Director of Photography with his camera were on the chase boat.

The Drone you see in the picture is our DJI Inspire 2 Drone with DJI X7 Stabilized Drone Camera, the best tool for this shoot and a complete delight to work with. We believe that expertise is largely about choosing the right tool for the job, and as drone videographers who like to chase things lower, closer and faster we look at the entire package - both drone and the camera need to be the right fit. DJI Inspire 2 is capable of flying upwards of 60Mph, it is extremely nimble drone with great endurance. We coupled it with DJIs X7 Super35 camera with admirable 14 stops of dynamic range and DJI CineCore - using a solid state drive to store media makes it capable of writing in ProRes RAW, 4444, 422 codecs, leaving plenty for colorists to work with. Our kit also includes a DJI lens set - 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm (full frame crop factor approximately 1.4x).


Flying Boat Grumman Albatross, drone photography by Photoflight Aerial Media. Subject to copyright ©Photoflight Aerial Media

The Subject of the Bahamian chapter of the Flying Boat Film shoot was quite stunning. This 1954 Grumman Albatross G-111 is described by many aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike to be the nicest flying example of this extraordinary aircraft. This wasabi colored beauty has not only been perfectly restored, but also fitted with a beautifully designed and executed passenger cabin and state of the art modern avionics. Award winning travel in style, and a beautiful subject to a documentary.

Flying Boat Film Bahamas, PhotoFlight Aerial Media, professional drone photography

Grumman Albatross was produced from 1949-1961 as a search and rescue aircraft, designed to land and take off in difficult open ocean conditions. They were built as an extremely tough military aircraft. Only a handful of the 466 built remain flying today in the hands of private owners. This particular example is also an extremely rare G-111 model, one of 13 such aircraft selected by Florida based Chalk's Airline from military surplus, converted to accommodate for civilian use, restored to zero hour airframe, and fitted with new engines in late 70ties and early 80ties. The airline has only operated a few of them and mothballed the rest in Arizona. Here is where the current owner found it in terrible condition over 30 years later and painstakingly restored and upgraded this aircraft well beyond its original beauty.

Flying Boat Film Bahamas, PhotoFlight Aerial Media, professional drone cinematography

The Location was a beautiful bay near Columbus Monument at Cape Santa Maria, Long Island, Bahamas. The setting was surreal, amazingly blue ocean surrounded by pristine beaches with the finest white sand we have ever seen (and had to painstakingly clean out of our equipment at the end of every day). Long Island has a few great resorts, but it is only accessible by private or chartered planes or boats, so the beaches are mostly deserted. It's difficult to imagine a better place to be for a two operator drone team, eager to take some professional drone video gear through some challenging rounds.

Flying Boat Bahamas Crew, Photoflight Aerial Media, Professional Drone Operator

The Crew: some of the most professional and dedicated people we have had an honor to work with, left to right: Chris Eckrich (Production Manager), Dirk Braun (Producer, Stunt Man), Will Atherton (Director of Photography), Petr Hejl (Drone Camera Operator), Mike Gearin (Drone Pilot), Nick Pascarella (Aviation Photographer), Mike Cook (Camera Operator, Diver, DIT),  Connor Cassidy (Camera Operator).

The Shanty: Spending a full first day working on the beach and baking in merciless Caribbean Sun with no shade to cool ourselves our our equipment was a harsh lesson. To make it through the rest of the shoot, we decided to use our castaway skills and build a shelter out of some older resort sheets and branches we dragged out of the bush. Our production shanty did a great job keeping us and the gear cool.

Drone Light: we attached a powerful LED light kit to our spare DJI Inspire 2 drone, and coordinated the two drones for some amazing night photography.



Flying Boat Grumman Albatross, drone photography by Photoflight Aerial Media. Subject to copyright ©Photoflight Aerial Media

Night Drone Photography using a drone light and DJI Inspire 2 with DJI X7 camera was a hit with these surreal stunning drone photos and some great drone videos of the Flying Boat at night.



Flying Boat Grumann Albatross at night, drone photography by Photoflight Aerial Media

Flying Boat Film will be a must see for any aviation, technology, or travel fan. Following the adventure is easy, just look for @flyingboatfilm on Instagram or visit

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Flying Boat Film Bahamas, PhotoFlight Aerial Media, professional drone camera operator