Perfect view from Sunset to Twilight - Future View Panoramic Photo Animation.

Project: Brooklyn Point by Extell

Client: Extell Development

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Deliverables: Panoramic Drone Photographs representing future views from residential units in Brooklyn Point, Williamsburg - Brooklyn high rise building development by Extell.

Crew/Equipment: professional two operator drone team (pilot and camera operator) with DJI Inspire 2 drone, DJI X5 M4/3 DSLR camera.

PhotoFlight's Team was chosen by Extell Development to create a marketing library of future view drone panoramic photos and an animation of the rooftop view of Manhattan, transitioning from sunset to twilight. Our team has delivered 44 high resolution panoramic images from 11 different levels and four directions.

Photoflight Aerial Media team specializes in large format - high resolution panoramic drone photography. Each future view drone photograph is created from multiple SLR photo tiles (usually 18-33 photos) to capture future views from residential or commercial real estate units before they're build. Future view drone photography is an invaluable tool for real estate developers, brokers, and architects, as it provides them and their clients with a great understanding of what matters the most - the view! The photos are used as standalone marketing material, or incorporated into 3D visualizations of the residential or commercial space.

Manhattan Drone Photography - Sunset Panorama, NYC drone photography Subject to copyright ©Photoflight Aerial Media

Our Experience with professional panoramic real estate drone photography in New York City and a variety of in-house drone camera equipment allow us to choose proper equipment for our client's specific project and budget needs. We offer range of drone photography services in NYC and beyond -  from the best resolution and professional quality for some of the most prestigious real estate development projects, to a reasonably priced high quality panoramic drone photography solutions for clients with budgetary constraints. We take time to understand your specific project and needs, and utilize our expertise to plan the entire process to work seamlessly with your site activities - whether a current demolition site, or early construction, we always begin with a plan that takes both the best light conditions and site safety and accessibility into consideration.

Manhattan Drone Photography - Twilight Panorama, NYC drone photography

Twilight and Night panoramic drone photography is our specialty. Pushing the limits of long exposure night drone photography, our twilight and night drone panoramas are as crisp and noise-free as one would expect from a professional drone photographer - important details that separate our work from many other drone camera operators.

Manhattan Real Estate Future View Drone Photography - NYC real estate drone photography by Photoflight aerial media
Manhattan Real Estate Future View Drone Photography - NYC real estate drone photography by Photoflight aerial media
Manhattan Real Estate Future View Drone Photography - NYC real estate drone photography by Photoflight aerial media

We would love to work with you! Whether you are a real estate developer, broker, architect, or a marketing company, we would love an opportunity to put our professional drone photography team to work on your next project and deliver the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Contact us to request a quote and additional samples!