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Project: ROCS Motorsports 911 La Carrera Panamericana Outlaw

Client: Feeding the Tree Productions

Porsche 911 La Carrera Panamericana is a car project by ROCS Motorsports, NJ based Porsche 911 Outlaw hotrod shop,
This video is a drone reel from a documentary about this amazing car, produced by Feeding the Tree Productions.

Drone Video Reel from this Project:

Enjoy the Full Short Documentary by Feeding the Tree Productions:

The drone footage was provided by two operator drone camera team from PhotoFlight Aerial Media, nationwide drone service provider, specializing in low, close, and fast tracking of moving objects with medium (DJI Inspire) to heavy-lift drones capable of carrying RED and other cinematic cameras.
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Drone Operator: Mike Gearin, Photoflight Aerial Media
Camera Operator: Petr Hejl, Photoflight Aerial Media

Porsche 911 drone

Filmed with permission in Jersey City, NJ, roads closed to public with assistance of Jersey City PD.

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