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Porsche 911 Photo from Drone

Project: ROCS Motorsports 911 La Carrera Panamericana Outlaw

Client: Feeding the Tree Productions

Deliverables: Low, close, and fast drone footage of ROCS Porsche 911, to be used in a mini documentary.

Crew/Equipment: Professional two Operator Drone Team (pilot and camera operator) with DJI Inspire 1Pro, DJI X5S micro 4/3 Camera

Photoflight Aerial Media Team was thrilled to participate in the shoot of a mini documentary about Porsche 911 La Carrera Panamericana - a car project by ROCS Motorsports, NJ based Porsche 911 Outlaw hotrod shop,
This video is a drone reel from a documentary about this amazing car, produced by Feeding the Tree Productions. Filmed with permission in Jersey City, NJ, roads closed to public with assistance of Jersey City PD.

ROCS Motorsports 911 La Carrera Panamericana Outlaw - Drone Video Reel

Filmed by Photoflight Aerial Media for Feeding the Tree Productions.

ROCS Motorsports 911 La Carrera Panamericana Outlaw - Full Documentary

Produced by: Feeding the Tree Productions.

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