PhotoFlight Aerial Media has been using traditional aircraft to offer premium aerial photography services for over two decades. At the early onset of the UAS industry, we adopted UAS/drone technology to expand our product portfolio and list of partners and clients benefiting from our knowledge of the UAS tech. We are proud of our heritage and our ability to continue evolving with UAS technology, our markets, and the industry.


Our mission is to grow our company by providing high quality and value drone services to clients and partners in various industries, and continue to be one of the leaders and trusted voices of the UAS industry. We continue to learn, explore, and push the boundaries of what's possible, because we understand that what was exceptional yesterday may be great today, but would not be enough tomorrow.


In 2016, PhotoFlight Aerial Media has merged with two well established drone service providers to create one of the largest UAS companies in the US. This has proven to be a winning strategy, as it allows us to provide our partners with more specialized services, cost efficient UAS solutions, expand into new markets, and successfully navigate the ever evolving legal and regulatory environment surrounding drones. Our partners benefit from dealing with larger, robust, and dependable organization with experts dedicated to each aspect of our business.


We specialize in providing professional UAS/drone services to clients and partners in art, marketing, and engineering/industrial fields. 

High Quality Professional Drone Photography and Video services for media and film production companies - our partners and clients appreciate our equipment expertise, flying skills and experience, and understanding of professional camera work. If knowledge, experience, professional approach and high quality results are important to you, our skilled two-operator teams will deliver!


Drone services for industrial and engineering partners - Mapping and 3D modeling projects, high resolution and thermal imaging inspections, environmental studies, specialty sensory applications. We partner with professional engineering and architectural companies to offer our clients a wide range of drone services to support their productivity, planning, and efficiency efforts. We also offer consulting, training, business workflow integration, and regulatory compliance services.


Marketing and Events
We produce high quality professional Marketing and Event Videos- our creativity, high quality drone and ground video work, and professional editing skills help us deliver high visual impact product that is sure to send a powerful message to your audience and leave your competition in envy.



Say Hello to our Team!


Jerry Weiner PhotoFlight Aerial Media

Jerry Weiner
Chairman, Founder

As the founder of the original Photo Flight, Jerry has been providing his clients with quality aerial imagery for over two decades. With the emergence of drone/UAS technology, he was instrumental in evolving the company into it's current position as one of the largest UAS service providers in the US. Jerry keeps our team on task, focused, and organized. 

David Weiner Team Photo

David Weiner
Chief Executive Officer

David's Excellent business leadership and communication skills, along with his vast experience in tech sector and working with large corporate partners,  make him a trusted leader that guides our organization on a journey from tech start up to one of the largest UAS service providers in the US and beyond, focused on high value, high impact and sustainable client relationships.

Sam Fingold PhotoFlight Aerial Media

Sam Fingold
Chief Financial Officer

Sam's strong business background and understanding of corporate governance helps our organization develop and maintain strategic partnerships and relationships, explore new markets, and ensure scalability of our process as we expand our operations.

Tracy Williams PhotoFlight Aerial Media

Tracy Williams
Administrative Services Manager

Tracy is responsible for organising all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of our organization. Her impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills keep us all in sync and are appreciated by our team and clients.

Petr Hejl PhotoFlight Aerial Media

Petr Hejl
Creative Director

A skilled and experienced, camera operator, pilot, and editor - Petr's responsibility is to ensure that we deliver product that keeps both us and our clients a few steps ahead of our competitors. Our clients and partners appreciate Petr's creativity, resourcefulness, and attention to detail.

Mike Gearin PhotoFlight Aerial Media

Mike Gearin
Director of Operations

A lifetime full scale aircraft and skilled drone pilot, Mike is responsible for flight operations, including timely legal compliance,  mission planning, pilot and fleet management.