Your own professional UAS/drone department, at fraction of the cost...

Let our team help yours unleash the full potential of drone tech, a true differentiator in our media-rich world: We offer professional LIVE drone broadcast services to news media organizations. With our turnkey commercial-grade live broadcast drone solutions, we take care of the equipment reinvestment and maintenance, drone operator selection and training, legal compliance and mission planning, so that you can focus on your core business-being the first to bring breaking news to your viewers in a visually attractive and impactful way only drone videography can provide.

Professional Team
Our Team of FAA licensed drone operators consists of hand picked professionals, trained and experienced in flying in many various conditions and environments. Our Aerial Camera Operators fly drones all the time, which makes a tremendous difference in their ability to operate safely and deliver professional grade media content. Having dedicated and knowledgable professionals behind the controls empowers our partners to maximize the potential of drone technology deployment.
Large & Robust Service Provider
PhotoFlight Aerial Media is one of the Largest Drone Service Providers in the US. We take drone business seriously, and have successfully navigated the drone industry since its inception. Along the way, we have grown into a company with clear structure, extremely capable and motivated leadership team with complementary skills in all aspects of our business, and built a proven system that allows us to grow with our partners.
Legal Compliance
From Federal, through state, to local laws, UAS regulations are complex and ever changing. Having a dedicated professional who is up-to-date on laws regulating the commercial use of drones is the key to ensuring that every mission is planned in safe and legally compliant manner. Our aerial camera operators are required to pass a required FAA exam, and trained to follow our procedures and best practices when executing missions. Our state-of-the art 30xOptical zoom stabilized camera gives us the ability to get detailed video from 1-2 miles away, which is extremely helpful during deployments where airspace issues, presence of incident scene personnel, or dangerous conditions make it impossible to operate a drone in the immediate area of interest.
Right tools for the job
Drones come in many shapes and sizes, and having the right tool available for the task promotes successful execution. Maintaining a fleet of UAS and all necessary equipment to support Live news and event broadcast operation is no small task. Our News and broadcast program gives our partners access to the latest professional equipment without the need to absorb the large initial cost of setting up an UAS operation and updating technologically obsolete equipment in 12-18 month cycles.