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PhotoFlight Provides Professional Drone Photography, Aerial Video, and Video Production Services to Clients in Film, News, Marketing, Events, Engineering and Industrial Companies.


Our team combines years of experience in remotely controlled aircraft building and operations, aerial photography and camera work to deliver the right solution to your needs.


Our close connections to both the UAS/drone and motion picture industries help us deliver the latest and best solutions available on the market.


Our Production, Marketing, and Industrial Partners appreciate our professional approach, full redundancy in equipment, and countless hours we spend evolving our skills and our toolkit.


Our ever growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to your creative ideas and and make them come to life. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.


Aerial Drone Photography and Cinematography Executed at the Highest Level.

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Drone Cinematography and Video Services for Production Companies

We specialize in two operator advanced professional drone cinematography and video services, helping our clients capture stunning video impossible or prohibitively expensive to get by traditional video methods - helicopter, crane, dolly, cable-cam or "russian arm".  From majestic aerial drone videos to fast, low and close-up tracking of fast moving objects, our two operator drone teams have the expertise, experience, and passion to help you get the shot you need. We fly RED and other cinematic cameras!


Professional Drone Photography Services

We offer professional aerial drone photography services - from visually attractive drone marketing photographs, to large scale panoramic murals and other drone photography projects, we provide the highest quality drone art photography with impeccable attention to quality and detail. We also specialize in twilight and night drone photography, and drone time-lapse and hyperlapse photography.


Live Drone Broadcast Services for News Organizations

We offer professional LIVE drone broadcast services to news media organizations. With our turnkey commercial-grade live broadcast drone solutions, we take care of the equipment reinvestment and maintenance, drone operator selection and training, legal compliance and mission planning, so that you can focus on your core business-being the first to bring breaking news to your viewers in a visually attractive and impactful way only drone videography can provide.



Marketing, Event, Corporate Documentary, and Educational Video Production.

Appealing Visual Media, Creativity, Professional Results...

Marketing and Corporate Video Production

PhotoFlight Aerial Media offers full marketing, corporate, educational, and documentary video production services: Business and product commercials, corporate video production, luxury residential and commercial real estate drone marketing, golf course and sport facility marketing videos, and more. Our video production services provide high production value content to help deliver your marketing message in professional, visually appealing, and impactful way.


Drone Photography and Video Production for Events

Capturing the action at a race, concert, festival or other large-scale events can be challenging. Photographs and video taken with traditional cameras may only catch limited parts of the action, and standard solutions for aerial photography can be difficult and too expensive to use. Using drone photography for events gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event. Photoflight Aerial Media's team of drone camera operators is ready to provide you with best professional aerial drone photography and video production services for your event, including LIVE drone broadcast services.


Residential and Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography and Video

First Impression is everything and appealing content is the key to leaving a great one. We use our creativity, experience, and expertise in drone photography and video production to deliver truly professional grade, appealing real estate marketing content. Our professional real estate drone photography and video services are focused on helping you effectively market the property, location and lifestyle. Our specialty real estate drone photography services include twilight photography and future view panoramic drone photography for our residential and commercial real estate clients looking to market views before and during construction.



Industrial UAS Applications, Mapping and 3D Modeling, Thermal, UAS/Drone Training and Business Implementation

  Increasing Safety, Improving Efficiency, Empowering Data...

Structural and Area Drone Inspections

Access and Perspective offered by Drones make them a perfect tool for safe and cost efficient structural inspections. We provide professional grade drone inspection equipment - a powerful 30xOptical Zoom stabilized drone camera, and thermal drone camera, including the ability to view thermal and live video feed side-by-side. We offer our experience and expertise operating UAVs in various challenging environments usually encountered during drone inspections.


Drone Mapping - Orthomosaic, 3D point cloud, 3D textured models, DSM

In cooperation with our reputable certified engineering partners, we use our expertise in high quality and accuracy drone data acquisition to create actionable high resolution aerial maps, 3D point clouds, 3D textured models and digital surface models. Our extensive drone mapping experience includes exploratory pre-construction drone surveys, 3D modeling in archaeology, volumetric drone surveys, 3D terrain and structure models for architectural renderings, street light efficiency/coverage night drone surveys, and DSM drone models for flood impact mitigation.


Drone Photography for Construction Cycle Monitoring

Construction site progress monitoring and documentation made easy by timely and relevant drone photography and video-we offer high quality and resolution periodic drone photographs and video of your construction site-from pre-programmed positions and angles, to on-demand drone photographs of important details. Construction cycle drone monitoring provides you with actionable data to keep your team informed and aware of current progress, on task and schedule.


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