PhotoFlight Aerial Media offers full marketing, corporate, educational, and documentary video production services: Business and product commercials, corporate video production, luxury residential and commercial real estate drone marketing, golf course and sport facility marketing videos, and more. Our video production services provide high production value content to help deliver your marketing message in professional, visually appealing, and impactful way.

Business and Product Commercials

We offer full production of business and product commercials and spotlight promotional videos. With our talented team of our in-house creatives, professional drone and ground camera operators, and experienced editors at your disposal, we help you maximize your marketing efforts with professional, high production value content. Our business and product commercial spotlight videos are designed to deliver your message, build brand and product awareness, and connect with your audience in a visually attractive and impactful way.

Real Estate Drone Marketing

Our professional Real Estate drone photography and video services are designed to help your listings stand out from your competitors, show your sellers that you're using the best team available, and get better return on your marketing investment. Our experience in residential, commercial, and luxury Real Estate drone photography help you market the properties in visually attractive way, highlighting property details, showing important features and proximity to nearby location amenities. Experience the difference our skilled drone photographers and quick, in-house professional Real Estate photo and video editing services can make in your residential and commercial real estate marketing results. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS/SAMPLES

DJI Inspire 2 Pro Black Edition
Sport Facilities and Organizations

Our professional drone and ground camera operators and our in-house creative production and editing team are here to help your marketing campaigns and showcase your golf course, track, field, or other sports facilities. Attract new members, visitors, participants, and spectators by presenting your facilities in a visually impactful and attractive way. CLICK FOR SAMPLE

Time-Lapse and Hyperlapse Drone Video

One of our specialty drone videography services popular with our marketing and event drone video clients. We can plan and execute impressive professional drone time-lapses and hyperlapses (time-lapse executed while drone camera slowly travels through the scene), over both day and night scenes. Thanks to our unique drone time-lapse video workflow, time lapses are no longer the matter of a good tripod!

Indoor Drone Video

Our indoor drone videography services deliver the smooth, unusual drone-style shots from indoor environments. Indoor drone videography is quite challenging and requires an experienced drone operator team to execute problem-free and with professional-grade results. Our drone camera operators have flown countless indoor drone video shoots in TV studios, factories, theaters, furniture stores, churches, car dealerships, clubs, warehouses and shipping centers, even a helicopter assembly line and hangar.

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We fly all the time - unlike many other drone operators and freelancers, we offer years of experience flying in countless settings and conditions, with many different types of UAS and camera equipment.
We take pride in understanding our equipment and spend countless hours perfecting our camera skills. Almost anyone can get a camera in the air nowadays, the true difference is in what they do with it once there!
from national TV, media and marketing organizations to smaller production companies and everyone in between, our clients appreciate our professional approach, full redundancy in our equipment, and the countless hours we spend evolving our skills and our equipment.
our ever growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to their creative ideas and make them come to life in the best form possible. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.
Green Checkmark
Licensed and Insured
We are FAA licensed and insured drone operator, and assist our clients with all necessary permitting, compliance, and insurance administrative tasks.
Latest & Redundant Equipment
We keep up with the drone and camera technology and work with the latest available equipment. We use multiple units and our equipment is fully redundant to minimize down time due to technical problems. We have enough batteries to make it through a day of production without a need to re-charge.
We Understand Production
Our experience working with many production teams gives us the ability to seamlessly work with yours, fully understanding planning, roles, and equipment requirements. Our experienced drone camera operators are ready to work with your DP to deliver results exceeding your expectations.
We Understand Cameras
From choosing the right camera, lens, and media for your project, to proper camera settings and composition - we pay close attention to every detail so our results exceed your expectations and anything out competitors can provide.
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