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Hvaler, Norway - drone photograph by Photoflight Aerial Media
Hvaler, Norway - drone photograph by Photoflight Aerial Media

Project: Airbnbmag - an Airbnb Magazine Featured Destination: Hvaler, Norway

Deliverables: Edited Drone Photographs and drone video library of a rental property available on Airbnb, to be featured in Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Airbnb Magazine.

Enjoy a short drone video of Airbnb featured rental in Hvaler, Norway

Photoflight Aerial Media Team had the pleasure of working with Airbnb Magazine editorial team on the feature of one of Airbnb's most rented properties in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Airbnbmag. This adorable tiny island house can be rented on Airbnb, and is nestled on its own island in Hvaler, Norway. Our professional drone operator and in-house editing team delivered well composed and graded magazine-quality photos and a drone video library for online/social media use.

Selection of drone photos of Private Island in Hvaler, Norway:

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